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For my daughters and for every women...

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Aileen Rizo speaks at the CA Fair Pay Act Press Conference 


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Aileen is available for all opportunities to speak in sharing her own personal journey in advocating for equal pay. 

​​Senator Jackson's

Press Release

Good employee payed less than equal

Comments from work evaluations

May 2010 "Aileen has been an excellent addition to our Math program. She is coaching at a different site every day of the week as an academic coach and is well respected by all the teachers she works with."

Commendations: "Aileen was assigned to 6 different schools this year and she balanced them all! She immediately was seen as a great support. Contracts are being requested for her for next year!"

May 2011 "Aileen is a great asset to the FCOE team. She works with dozens of teachers at various sites every day of the week as an academic coach and is will respected by all that she works with."

Commendations: "Aileen has been seen as a great support to all the teachers she is working with. She has also worked recently with the EAP program and is continuing to expand her experiences."

May 2012 "Aileen has shown herself to be both reliable and resourceful in many areas. Her willingness to work inside the classroom and coach has been inspiring to the entire ASIST team."

Commendations: "Aileen has shown great knowledge on implementing Common Core content. She has also shown extensive knowledge in applying technology, art and engineering into mathematics content."

Aileen Rizo's

equal pay story

Aileen Rizo Makes a Stand For Equal Pay  

Support Equal Pay And Aileen Rizo. Thank you for spreading the word!

If you missed today's press conference here is the link. At 13:54 I am introduced to speak. Fresno County Office Of Education

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What's first on the agenda? EQUAL PAY!

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This is a statement from the EEOC's chair of steps employers should follow to ensure equal pay for equal work. One of...

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A nice mention of my Equal Pay case in this Sunday's paper in San Francisco. Fresno County Office Of Education The Fresno Bee #equalpay #fairpay

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​Fresno County Office of Education